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Want to implement hazing prevention for your group, university or institution?


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Universities and many fraternity & sorority life organizations across the country are relying on Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility™ to reduce hazing.

Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility 101™


We'd like to thank our contributors:

Norm Pollard
Dean of Student, Alfred University

Emily N. Pualwan
Executive Director, HazingPrevention.Org

Jason L. Meriwether
Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs at Indiana University Southeast

Jarrod Cruz
Executive Director of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.

Fred Dobry
Director of Risk Reduction at Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

Sarah Wild, NCC
Career Advisor at Indiana State University

Gina Lee-Olukoya
Associate Dean of Students University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign